Welcome to my new education blog!

In the field of education it is not okay for a teacher to have an opinion.  It is definitely not okay to post that opinion openly for other teachers, students, parents, or even administrators to engage in open, constructive conversation.  I may get in trouble for something I post on this blog.  I may be rejected from a future job because I publish my thoughts and am not afraid to carry on a rational, reasonable conversation with people who both agree and disagree with my thoughts.  I’ll probably sit through countless “educator morality” trainings in the future where befriending students on Facebook and publishing an educational blog will not only be discouraged but admonished as complete absurdity.  (*Insert shock and awe face here*)

But every step I make in my life is calculated and planned.  I do what I believe in, and my beliefs are deeply rooted.

We are entering a new century, a new age of technology with new requirements for social networking and carrying on constructive dialog.  I find myself constantly swamped by innumerable articles that I find online and want to share and discuss with others, and I believe this is the best medium to do so.  I want to talk to people.  I want to hear what others have to say and to be better informed as a result of it.  I want my students to know that I talk the talk AND walk the walk when it comes to forming an opinion and using rhetoric to explore that opinion with others.

So, unlike my personal family blog, which I will continue to keep separate and private, I want to share this blog and post it everywhere.  I want to encourage conversations.  I want to use this space to talk, share resources, learn and understand, think.  I want to become a better teacher because I maintain a blog like this.  In today’s America, a lot could be solved diplomatically with some open conversations–let’s do it.  Let’s talk education!


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