Ohio Teachers & Master’s Degrees

Did you know this?  Because I didn’t.

“Ohio Teachers No Longer Required to Earn Master’s Degrees”

Consider this.

  • As of just a few years ago during Gov. Strickland’s years in office, teachers in Ohio were required to obtain a Master’s degree within the first ten years (or before the renewal of a third, 5-year professional license)
  • Teachers who held a license PRIOR to this new regulation were grandfathered in, thereby excusing them from the requirement
  • Teachers with Master’s degrees are more expensive than teachers without
  • Younger teachers who rushed out to get a Master’s degree to meet the requirement are 1) Losing their jobs as a result of RIF-ing (because they are mainly new, non-continuing contract teachers with little seniority having only invested 3-5 years in education), and 2) Too expensive to be hired as new hires in hiring districts
  • Teach for America teachers (*Squinty-eyed face*) are not required to have a Master’s, making them less expensive than those poor saps (myself included) who fell into the previous category
  • Teach for America teachers new to Ohio would be more marketable in this economy and under these financial conditions than teachers who have advanced degrees and actual training in education
  • Younger teachers with Master’s degrees basically got the short-end of the stick in this situation.

Clearly, merit pay and accountability will solve all the problems with education.


One thought on “Ohio Teachers & Master’s Degrees

  1. oh yes I ran out to get my masters degree. Now some of us are being told that some of those masters programs don’t satisfy HQT requirements.


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