CCSS Introduction

This school year is coming upon us quickly!  In what is sure to be a chaotic curriculum environment, 2011-2012 professional development should be focusing on preparing to role out the CCSS (and revised science and social studies standards, in Ohio).  I am doing a brief (1-hour) presentation next week with some of our primary teachers to give them an overview of what CCSS is, the changes that are in the works, and what we can be doing this year to prepare.

I used power points from both Denny Thompson and Marcia Barnhart (again, from the Ohio ASCD conference) to create the following overview:

CCSS Overview

You can use the PPT in conjunction with this outline of points for presenting (slide numbers are references to the originals that I combined):

CCSS Overview

Finally, I’ll be providing a list of resources, most of which are available throughout this blog, to the teachers:


Be sure to check out the yearly goals in the CCSS Overview.  I know my district is lagging behind slightly because we didn’t do much with introducing the standards this past year.  ODE has laid out implementation in an easy-to-use fashion.



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