Teaching the iText Generation

In the past, I have written about my support for using cell phones in the classroom.  All too often, we say because of financial issues in our districts, we cannot provide our students with adequate technologies; because we are unable to pass levies, we cannot fund 1-to-1 computer programs; because we cannot afford a technology coordinator, we do have the infrastructure to support increased connectivity.

I become increasingly more steadfast in my belief that our view should change.  Despite the many faces of financial adversity, we can make use of the technologies our students already have tucked away in their pockets or lockers.  They walk around with minicomputers while we adamantly deny them the ability to make use of these free (to the school district) devices.  In the face of adversity, we should become innovative.

Lisa Nielsen @ The Innovative Educator addresses concerns of cell phone opposition in a recent post:  “Respond to the Naysayers with these Answers to FAQs about Using Cell Phones for Learning”

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