Technology Requirements for New Assessments

You’ve heard about the structure of assessment items for the new common core assessments.  You probably know they are going to utilize computer-based technologies, and you may know they are creating assessment items the likes of which we haven’t seen in standardized testing to this point.

Some schools, in response, are nervous about the technical requirements.  In cash-strapped districts throughout Ohio, technology coordinators anxiously await guidance: what do we need to buy?  Do we expand our bandwidth?  How do we prepare our technical capabilities to handle these assessments?

PARCC and Smarter Balanced are working with the State Education Technology Directors Association to create a technology needs assessment tool for use by states and local districts in preparation for 2014-15 implementation.  Set to be released in March (hopefully), the tool will provide guidance for purchasing.

Bill Tucker talks about these developments in “The Country’s Most Ambitious Digital Learning Project

For my annotated/highlighted version (through Diigo–which is wonderful, by the way!), click here.

*Update (1/31):  Check out that timeliness!  Just received this in my email.  Pearson has won the bid to work with SETDA in creating the assessment tool.


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