I am reblogging this in connection to today’s ASCD article by Mark Barnes.

Turn On Your Brain

In the classroom, I had a difficult time assigning grades to student work.  Several “team time” conversations amounted to a general consensus that grading is hard work–not the process of grading, but actually figuring out what makes a difference between an 8/10, 9/10, 90/100, or 400/500.  Really, what is a “grade” other than an arbitrary number we teachers, the all-knowing keepers of grading secrets (“You–A,  You–B”), assign to a task.  Having never experienced a course on grading practices in all seven+ years of college, no one has ever explicitly said to me, “This is a good way to grade.”  So I fell into a trap of counting the number of questions/tasks/alternatives, making that the total, and counting the number of errors.  Like magic, number correct divided by number of total options equals an appropriate score–I wave my grading wand and *poof* the student has a grade in the online…

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