Teacher/Principal Evaluations in Ohio

I recently did a point by point summary of all the most updated information about the state of new teacher and principal evaluation systems in Ohio.  Remember that 50% of the new evaluation is dependent on student growth measures that are to be determined by local boards of education.  Part of this 50% must be standardized test scores for grade levels in which standardized tests exist.  The actual amount of that “part” is to be determined by the local board.

The Ohio Department of Education (@OHEducation) recently released its approved list of student-growth measure assessments.

What you will notice about this approved list is that many of the assessments also qualify as Response to Intervention (RtI) screening tools.  If your school has not already implemented RtI framework for addressing student needs, this might be the time to consider adopting a screening tool that would ALSO serve as a student growth measure (you know, two birds, one stone?).  If your school has already adopted an RtI screening measure, and it is not one on the list (for example, I noticed AIMSWeb is not on there, and I know it is commonly used in grades K-8 in districts throughout Ohio), I would begin determining why it doesn’t meet ODE’s criteria and if a shift to a different screener might be necessary and/or appropriate.

Though I so often focus on issues as related to ELA, I also wanted to put out a quick PSA about the recent legislation regarding the history curriculum in Ohio’s schools.   I highlighted the major components of the actual legislation as it was approved.  The major changes are not the inclusion of the documents themselves, because they are already included in the model curriculum.  What is new about the inclusion of these documents is the “original context.”  Also changed is the requirement for American history and government at the high school level, and the decrease in credits from one credit of each to only a half credit.  Local boards may differ from this and typically require more time than the state minimums.  Finally, the last big change is the requirement that local districts develop an interim end-of-course assessment for both American history and government by July 1, 2013, to be used during the 2013-2014 school year.  By July 1, 2014, the state superintendent and board will approve a standard assessment for those courses, but in the meantime, districts should start pulling their people power to work on these assessments, of which 20% of the questions must specifically address the Declaration, Northwest Ordinance, Constitution (with emphasis on the Bill of Rights), and The Ohio Constitution.

Districts have some work to be doing.  Be informed, plan ahead, and don’t wait until the last minute to ask more of our teachers.


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