Following the Legislation

New Report Card Ratings…

On March 23, I updated you with everything I learned at the Common Core conference with Deputy Superintendent Sawyers.  Pair that with the info from the February post I did after the Fordham conference with Stan Heffner for a more complete picture of recent happenings in Ohio education.

The big item of discussion the last couple of weeks has been the potential new state reporting system…Let me trace the developments (to be updated as the issue continues to unfold):

March 23: Sawyers says plan is for report card to be in effect this fall.

April 12: Stan Heffner says Ohio may delay the new reporting system by a year because state and federal approval might not happen in time.

April 18:  Ohio’s teachers ask for delay in new reporting system given all the other chaos happening in education right now, but Gov. Kasich’s spokesman says, “We want them (the new rankings) in yesterday.  No one is backing away and saying we need additional time. We are not seeking a delay. We want to see this go into effect this year.”

April 22:  Three superintendents in NW Ohio hold a panel discussion with a local news source to discuss the pitfalls of the rating system.  Superintendent Diana Savage (Bryan City Schools) says her district has worked hard for its excellent rating, “and now schools are going to look like they’re not performing as well, when really it’s the rules that are changing or the tests that are changing.”  And Dr. Keven Miller of Ottawa Hills says the entire initiative was “just a massive roll out.”

April 27:  Gene Harris, superintendent of Columbus City Schools, asks for the weight between performance and progress indicators to be more even.  She said, “We need performance measures, but if our students achieve more than a year’s growth, yet miss the indicator, no credit is provided. There must be a better balance between the weight provided to performance and progress.”  Senator Tom Sawyer says the bill will be in effect by September.

May 8:  Amendments are introduced to delay both the Third Grade Reading Guarantee and the new report card system.

May 9:  Amendments pass the Senate and head to House.  Third Grade Reading Guarantee delayed, but schools required to provide intervention support (how about some RtI?) during 2012-2013 school year.  Representative encourages state to look elsewhere for new reporting system.

May 16:  Representatives of the House feel pressured by the bill and the limited amount of time they have remaining before summer break and plan to have the report card ratings put on a separate, stand-alone bill.

May 30:  Ohio wins the waiver for NCLB.  What will happen to the reporting system next?

New Evaluations…

If you haven’t already done so, join the 1300 other people (including myself) who will be attending The OH Statewide Educator Evaluation Symposium by the Ohio Department of Education (@OHEducation) on May 25.  I’m sure I’ll be tweeting, so follow me @ChristinaHank.


The International Reading Association conference in Chicago runs from this Monday through Wednesday, and I’LL BE THERE!!!  Look for posts after the conference.  I’m also the official Stenhouse Publisher’s tweeter for Kelly Gallagher’s session!


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