On a Personal Note

Today my family and I celebrated my daughter, Rylee’s, second birthday. The very last thing that should be on my mind is education; we have a couple more years before school is at the top of our priorities. But tonight, I find myself thinking about it…am I already doing everything I can to 1) start her on the right foot when she walks through the doors to her first day of kindergarten, and 2) to make her school experience as valuable as possible?

On my “about me” page, I talk about how much I value education, and I do value it tremendously. I value it for all kids because I think we are either led by blindness (uneducated) or we lead with sight (education), and I want all children to lead. But, most importantly, I want my child to lead. I want her to love learning, to always seek the truth (or her own version of the truth), to think critically about everything she hears and sees. I want her to keep pushing, questioning, answering, finding problems, solving problems. I want her to understand there is a HUGE world out there and it’s hers to explore and conquer.

Once she goes to school, I relinquish most of my power to influence and foster this education to those I trust with my child, people like myself who do their best every day to teach in classrooms across the nation. I hand her over to them and I say, “please talk to me. Please tell me if my kid is a bully or if I need to give her remediation at home. Please help me mold her into all I want her to become. Please help me get her set for a life of success.”. I hand her over, cross my fingers, and hope that the 7.5 hours she spends with these teachers will mesh well with all I want for her.

I want what is best for my child. No matter what the test scores may say, no matter what the media and many politicians may say, no matter what think tanks may tell me, my gut still says I can trust those teachers to whom I will give power over my daughter’s future. I still believe that no teacher goes into this field wanting to have a negative impact on children. While I know there are some people who make a bad name for the profession, I believe a huge portion of teachers are good, hardworking, and excellent.

I still have faith in public education; I still have faith in public school teachers; I have faith that Rylee will become exactly what she is supposed to become as a result of the education she will receive at the hands of those teachers…

Now if we can just get her to use the potty 🙂



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