I Finally Understand!!

I have been getting so many questions about high school end-of-course (EOC) exams, Ohio Graduation Tests, and PARCC assessments, and I had no clue how to answer!  I couldn’t figure out if Ohio was using PARCC as a graduation test, or if the OGTs would still exist, or if the EOCs would be the graduation tests–I was just as confused as all those who were asking.

But finally, I UNDERSTAND!!! (*cue giant overhead lightbulb with sudden insight sound!*)

Having read the Cincinnati-based article “Ohio plans tougher high school tests” combined with PARCC Educator Leader Cadre member and Ohio-based curriculum director Char Shryock’s blog, “A Walk in the PARCC Ohio Style,” I finally understand what is happening with the future of assessment in Ohio.  (Side Note:  If you’re not already doing so, you should follow Char’s blog and her twitter @edTechGirl because as a member of the ELC, Char is going to have firsthand knowledge of what is happening in PARCC land)

So, here’s what I’ve learned.

  • PARCC assessments in grades 3-8 and HS ELA and Math (knew that already, but reinforcing)
  • ODE-developed assessments for science (1 elem, 1 MS, EOC in Biology and Physical Science for 2014-15)
  • ODE-developed assessments for Social Studies (1 elem, 1 MS, EOC American History and Government for 2014-15)–Don’t forget the legislative requirement for schools to develop interim EOC exams for American History and Government by July, 2013.  To be used in 2013-14
  • OGT will be replaced by End of Year Exams in ELA grades 9-11; replaced by End of Course Exams in Math (traditional or integrated models); replaced by End of Course Exams in Biology, Physical Science; replaced by End of Course Exams in American History and Government
  • The Cincinnati article adds:“Ohio is expected to choose end-of-course exams or end-of-year exams from PARCC for language arts and math and to develop social studies and science tests.

    All the tests are under development, state officials said. The exams, like the OGT and other standardized tests, will include some multiple choice and short-answer questions. They will focus on each high school course, one grade-level at a time, unlike the OGT, which had multiple grade level knowledge in some sections.”

  • As far as a cut score for a high school diploma, the Cincinnati article says that is still being discussed–26 other states mandate high school exams, and of those, 15 states tie scores to diplomas
  • Once again, the assessment schedule for PARCC is as I have discussed in the past, which Char highlights in this screenshot:


3 thoughts on “I Finally Understand!!

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    • EOYs in English and Math are being created by PARCC. They are at the end of the year. End of Course tests in Physical Science, Biology, American History, and Government are being created by ODE. Thanks!


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