Standards-Aligned Question Stems

I am so excited to share this work!

Using my “I can” statements from last summer and combining that work with work from other sources (referenced in the document), one high school English teacher from Michigan, Robert Belprez, created the following chart as a quick-reference guide for integrating the common core into 9-10 grade ELA classrooms.

Download the complete document here:  Question Stems.  For a different format, send me an email or comment below.

What I LOVE about this work is that it was a collaborative, interstate effort stemming from the efforts of many individuals.  How 21st Century is that!?!?

What Robert has done with the question stems is an excellent starting point for any ELA classroom because the questions can be easily morphed to meet the standards for other grade levels.  This document would also be a great starting place for literacy in the other contents because it gives those non-English folks a reference for the kinds of questions they could be asking.  I am just so pleased with this work.

I welcome submissions like this, and I would be happy to share this kind of teacher-initiated effort through my blog.

Kudos, Mr. Belprez!


40 thoughts on “Standards-Aligned Question Stems

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  18. Outstanding work! The best document I have found.
    Thanks again for sharing.
    Do you have a 6th grade version?
    I would love a document like this for my 6th graders.


    • Thank you–I just love that the Internet gives us these methods for sharing. I do not have a 6th grade version, but some options you might consider…if you need unpacked standards, check out the work April Wulber did with Darke County ESC in Ohio (also linked on my “I Can” post). Comparatively, the substance of the questions would be the same for 6th grade, so you could do a little tweaking to make them fit those specific standards. Finally, I know Mr. Belprez is on Edmodo…I don’t know if he has drawn up any for other grades. Thanks again for the comment 🙂


      • Christina,
        Thank you for sharing this document. I am a dean of instruction at a school in Colorado and used this chart as a base for our school wide stems. I added about 15-20 stems to each standard; I was wondering if you had the contact information of Robert. I’d also like yours. I am unable to open your ‘contact’ link. Would love to hear from you soon! I can share my updated stems!


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  25. This is very good. Thanks for sharing with us. Do you have standards aligned question stems for seventh grade English?


  26. I would love a copy of the standards question stems you have above! Do you have them in PDF or Word docs? Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge! 🙂


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