New Guidance Docs Released from PARCC Yesterday

New guidance documents from PARCC today are now posted on ODE’s Website.

Because I’m a big dork who likes to read this stuff, I thought I’d take the liberty of highlighting and passing along to those of you who are less interested ūüôā

I’d encourage you to draw your attention to a couple of things:

1. Note the recommended number of devices chart. The tech readiness tool released a year or so ago reflected much lower numbers than this.

2. Note the testing window and number of sessions per item. We’re looking at 2-3 sessions (50+ minutes) for each test Math and Reading all the way down to grade 3. The last pages of this document show the estimated time on task for all sections. That is a LOT of testing time.

3. Note the statement about IEPs and written versions of the assessments. This is something that would need to be incorporated on IEPs as needed in time for the assessments in 2014-2015.

Assessment Guidance¬†(No clue what I did to the formatting here–sorry!)

Capacity Planning Tool FAQ


7 thoughts on “New Guidance Docs Released from PARCC Yesterday

    • Sylvia–I think IF these assessments can be PART of instruction rather than tangential to instruction, the testing time becomes a non-issue. For example, if the PBA can become part of the teacher’s unit–maybe if the content of the PBA were incorporated into the content of the teacher’s class–the testing time doesn’t matter as much. Does that make sense at all?


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  4. PARCC is terrible. Waste of time and money. Big business wins again, on the backs of students and teachers. So disgusted. Buy us the computers, and then we can talk about how PARCC will work. Cut our budget. implement more testing take away more instructional time. It just doesn’t work. Who has convinced us that education is such bad shape– the testing companies that want us to purchase tests from them. I’m just sick about this.


    • I approved this comment because I want to comment on it….

      Using vulgar and crass language (such as the name in this comment) is never a constructive way to solve a problem. Will anyone making decisions about testing and the movements of education (i.e. policymakers) hear you as an intelligent, knowledgeable educator/parent/student when you present yourself in this way? Does anyone ever hear anything when it’s presented in such a way? No. In fact, your message is more likely to be passed over if only for the voice it presents.

      I would encourage you to restructure your arguments: let data speak for you, use facts to build resistance, refer to research that proves what you’re trying to say. I wish you all the best in your anti-testing pursuits.

      Stay classy, people.


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