Creating High Quality Assessments

I’m at the ODE “Connecting the Dots” conference today. The session I’m in right now (like, as I type this) is about designing high quality LEA assessments as SGM for SLO development. Because it fits so well with my post about SLOs, I had to share. Pair this post with my Layman’s term to help design your district’s work…(SLO in Layman’s Terms post)

So, what is the process for designing a LEA SGM? What should you do as you guide teachers through this process? This information is excellent:





EXCELLENT! And…exactly in the direction I was thinking!!!


6 thoughts on “Creating High Quality Assessments

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  2. So excited to hear you were at the conference! I was a co-presenter on standards implementation and cited your blog as an excellent resource. Thanks so much for the time you put into making this blog so valuable to so many! I follow every post you make and learn from it every time!


    • What a compliment that you find value in the posts! That’s awesome!

      I wish I could’ve made it to more sessions on Friday; that was one of the best/most informative events by ODE. I felt like I walked away with exactly what I needed to come back to my district and do my job. Excellent stuff.

      Join us for the #ohedchat tweet up in June or the #edcampcle (also in June). I’d like to meet up with some of the people I have “met” through Twitter/the blog!


      • Will do for sure! I’m a RttT Regional Specialist and a total curriculum nerd! My area of focus is Application Area B so the standards are my passion. Thanks again!


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