Ohio’s New Assessment Updates with Char Shryock (Notes)

Today’s presentation:

VERY cool!!
New assessment prototype superintendent’s challenge using a Google Form to get people looking at the assessment questions–great way to get people to start talking about the new assessments
-teachers who do all 10 get a prize
-community members who do all 10 get a prize
****presenting at 9 am on Monday talking about bay’s communication strategies (OSBA conference)

PNP–Personal Needs Profile: hybrid of the accommodations page from an IEP and the student ID label that is currently used to communicate with ODE *more info below

Best resources: achievethecore.org; Ohio resource center

In 2014-2015, we will not get results immediately because they have to norm the scores. The results in this first year will not be until the end of the summer
******High schools are being told to use the end of year assessments (a combined score of the PBA in March and the second part–EOY–in May) instead of second semester exams–how will we address not having a grade until the end of summer??????********

There will be paper and pencil version of the tests, but your district will have to apply to the state for that. The hope is that every district will be able to have some portion of the test online.

The questions on new assessments will have scaffolding for kids in that the questions will build on each other unlike the randomness of question orders on OAAs

In December, the prototype questions will be available on the actual testing platform.
-current version of testing platform is available here (being tested in other states):

Are these tests going to be ready next year? Yes.

Speaking and listening tests will be available in 2016-2017
-will be locally administered and scored
-will be task-based, but able to be embedded into lesson teachers are already doing.

Tell Ts they may need to teach some gaps for this years dual Aligned OAAs. Concepts that moved DOWN need taught. Concepts that moved UP do not.
-ODE’s Dual Aligned OAA and OGT FAQ (released 10/17/13):

Check out the PARCC tech guidance 3.0 (most recent version):
-can cache the assessment (save to server instead of accessing from online)

1. Features for all students
-volume control
-blank paper (scratch paper)–must be provided by district
-ability to flag items for review (can go back to questions)
-read and clarify directions (teacher can read and clarify for student)
-headphones (will be required)–every student testing will need them
-enlarge text size
-built in notepad to take notes
-pop up glossary when appropriate (hover over the word)
-spellchecker when appropriate

2. Accommodations that can be available for any student

3. Targeted accommodations (SWD, IEP, 504, ELL)–must have a PNP
-includes presentation accommodations (the way the test items are presented to Ss)
-includes response accommodations (the way Ss respond to test items)
-Ss who need speech-to-text will need headsets with microphone and a special place to take the test

Personal Needs Profile–embedded in the test platform
-created by IEP, iat, or teacher team for SWD or ELL
-created by teacher teams with input from parent for Ss who do not have IEPs or ELL, but have specific educational needs

PNP Features (can be turned on ahead of time):
-answer masking
-background/font color
-general masking
-line reader tool
-text to speech for math assessments

***accommodations need to be practiced by Ss in advance. If you’re going to have them use speech-to-text on the test, you need to let them practice in advance.

Sample test will be available this spring on the platform (link above); should have accommodations available.


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