PARCC may be gone, but there’s still no change.

Ohio Dumps PARCC

Update (7/1–how fast!):  Ohio chooses AIR for next year’s testing– Article Link

Ok, people are excited about this, but what I can’t understand is this….There is STILL going to be a replacement test–IN 2015-2016. So we are now prepping for the FOURTH VERSION of a standardized test in math and English in four year. First, OAAs; Second, OAA/CCSS dual aligned; Third, PARCC; Fourth, whatever is to come. How on EARTH is that the right thing to do by kids?? By teachers?? By education?!?

And guess what…..that new test will still be “Common Core Aligned.” So, if we were angry about common core, we’ve effectively done nothing except to beat down the Pearson giant. In the meantime, there is still no delay on district report cards, Value Added scores, or teacher evaluations. Someone please explain to me how any of these scores can be considered remotely valid when the measure by which they were obtained has changed so much in these last few years?

Here’s what I love about the work I do….my philosophical foundation is built on the belief that no matter what, we must ALWAYS teach and instruct beyond the tests, standards, and report cards of the day.  There are aspects of teaching and learning that never change:  good instruction never changes; engagement (as an essential part of the learning process) never changes; the learning cycle never changes; good teaching is good teaching is good teaching.

So with this…yet another curveball in the edu-political sphere of influence…I encourage EVERYONE to reject the notion of preparing for tests–of ANY kind.  Let’s refocus our energies on what research and theory tells us is good, and let’s just TEACH.


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