Checking In! Re-Reading in Math and Comprehension Connections

It’s been awhile!  Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning (which has now become my primary access to the outside world), I stumbled across something I just HAD to share (driving myself back to the blog):

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 8.54.17 AM.png

At our district, we spend a lot of time in the early grades talking about re-reading as a comprehension strategy, but we generally keep that “specialized” to comprehension while reading books.

If other students are like my first and second graders, there is NO re-reading happening in math!  In fact, they’re lucky to actually read the story problem at all; instead, they tend to find the numbers and (typically) add them up hoping it’s what the problem asked them to do.

What I like about this strategy for math problem solving is that it mirrors thinking we typically apply to literacy:  read multiple times, digging deeper with each read.

This strategy makes me think of the work our primary Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.00.27 AM.pngdid last year with Comprehension Connections.  We brought in a speaker who led our K-3 teachers through the activities in the book, and followed up with book studies during our 40-minute, grade-level Encore (PLC) time.  Our focus was trying a strategy and using PLC to reflect on how it worked, what we noticed, what we’d change in the future, what we know about kids, and what we know about ourselves as readers.

Comprehension Connections was the piece our primary was missing (we’re taking the concepts through subsequent grades over the course of next year)…we have Fundations for Phonics, Lexia Core 5, Aimsweb, DRA, the full gamut…but the common verbiage of Comprehension Connections allowed us to put all the pieces together. We talked a lot about metacognition (thinking about our thinking and being an active vs. “fake” reader) and how we can recognize “fake” reading and help students learn to dig deeper into texts.  I think the rereading strategy for math above is a great way to bring metacognition into other content areas.

I felt so strongly about it that I just had to share as widely as possible!



4 thoughts on “Checking In! Re-Reading in Math and Comprehension Connections

  1. Indeed! It has been awhile…sounds like a song lyric. Eviddntly your doctoral work is behind you. Congrats! How is life in general? I, too, have lost sight of my blog. I am planning to get back to it, but intentionality does not always produce demonstrative results!


  2. Good to hear from you! It is behind me, though I’ve been working on a piece for possible presentation in England (!!). I had to break from all professional social media for awhile because it was too overwhelming to be that connected all the time. I’m against doing anything that 1) Adds stress, or 2) Feels like “work” 🙂 My time is too important to be stressed about things I don’t HAVE to do, ya know?

    I hope you’re doing well, and I look forward to seeing your writing — if you’re able to fit it in!!


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