About Me

Who am I?

During the last ten years, I have had the opportunity to work in various areas of the education community.  I began as a substitute in the central Ohio region, moved on to teaching two multi-grade classrooms (6-8 ELA and 9-10 ELA) at a private school in Chillicothe, and finally, taught ninth and then tenth grade English for a small, rural school of 1250 students.

I am now in my third year as Curriculum Director at Buckeye Local Schools in Medina, Ohio.

I received my PhD in Curriculum & Instruction from Kent State University in May, 2016, with a focus in professional development. I am interested in researching teacher empowerment and leadership and how teachers develop their understanding of good instruction.  I’ve found my own niche in self-study methodology, which allows me to study my own practice as an educational leader.

In my free time, I am a mother to three (soon-to-be four) awesome kids!  It is because of my children’s academic future, and the academic futures of children in America, that I consistently uphold the value of education and work to impact the direction it is heading.

My Ever-Changing Philosophy

I believe in innovation, forward thinking, and progress in education, but I do NOT believe “progress” is based in an assumption that public schools are failing kids.  My focus as a blogger, education advocate, and education professional is to find “wiggle room” within the chaos of policy and legislation to make space for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Education, learning, critical thinking, reading, and writing…these are skills that carry us forward as human beings.  They are what differentiate civilized societies from uncivilized societies.  Education gives us power and freedom.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Christina, I’m the reporter for EdWeek who covers this stuff. Since you listed Curriculum Matters, I’m guessing you already know my name. I am writing about pre-reading next week, and would love to chat. Any chance we could set up a phone date? pls email me directly, cgewertz@epe.org.


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