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Testing in Ohio hits Legislative Snag–Duh

I’m feeling slightly cynical today, so you’ll have to excuse my snarkiness. I just read this article from the Dispatch today: Changes in State-Set Student Tests hit Snag in Legislature, and I can’t help but to respond. (As a reminder, I’m a full common core supporter, and I hope that the new assessments being created … Continue reading

Medina County Presentation 6/19

Today I will be presenting for the Medina County Educator Symposium.  I’ll just be using this post as a placeholder for this afternoon’s information! Presentation (Lots of information pulled directly from Char Shryock–tons of thanks to her for being such an excellent point person and source of information!) One-Stop Shop Resource Guide

New Guidance Docs Released from PARCC Yesterday

New guidance documents from PARCC today are now posted on ODE’s Website. Because I’m a big dork who likes to read this stuff, I thought I’d take the liberty of highlighting and passing along to those of you who are less interested 🙂 I’d encourage you to draw your attention to a couple of things: … Continue reading

When the System Strikes, Refute.

I’m stuck tonight unable to sleep.  It seems dumb, but I cannot stop thinking about those HB555 changes.  I’ve got this image in my head of what the end of the 2014-2015 school year will look like in Ohio, and it’s a little something like this: We’re a year into holding kids back in third … Continue reading

Next Gen of Standards–Teaching Students to Unlearn School

A colleague of mine (hi, Stacy!) posted recently on her co-authored blog about the blended learning program offered through Medina Schools.  (Side note–if your school/district is considering a blended approach, be sure to follow their blog as they weed through the muck and mire of actual implementation.) What I thought was fascinating about her post … Continue reading

Myths and “My Understandings” of Common Core

Sometimes I think naysayers say “nay” to everything. Like they actively seek out things with which they disagree instead of even attempting to find the minutest point of agreement. Maybe it’s easier to disregard arguments in their entirety than it is to admit there might be even trace amounts of value in them. Take, for … Continue reading

“Core Advocate” Event in Philadelphia, PA

A few months ago I was invited by Student Achievement Partners ( to become a “Common Core Advocate” with 100 other educators across the nation. This weekend, a bunch of curriculum nerds (ha!) met in Philadelphia to really dig deep into the standards and talk about a lot of the tough questions we all have … Continue reading

Conversations in ELA in Preparing for Common Core

We’ve got a team of teachers at the Summit County ESC for an ELA curricular alignment workshop led by Karen Rumley today, and there are some fantastic conversations going on. Let me see what I can capture for you as we go… In our “10 Guiding Principles for ELA Instructional Shift” discussion…. Shift 1: Close … Continue reading