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Medina County Presentation 6/19

Today I will be presenting for the Medina County Educator Symposium.  I’ll just be using this post as a placeholder for this afternoon’s information! Presentation (Lots of information pulled directly from Char Shryock–tons of thanks to her for being such an excellent point person and source of information!) One-Stop Shop Resource Guide

Myths and “My Understandings” of Common Core

Sometimes I think naysayers say “nay” to everything. Like they actively seek out things with which they disagree instead of even attempting to find the minutest point of agreement. Maybe it’s easier to disregard arguments in their entirety than it is to admit there might be even trace amounts of value in them. Take, for … Continue reading

Conversations in ELA in Preparing for Common Core

We’ve got a team of teachers at the Summit County ESC for an ELA curricular alignment workshop led by Karen Rumley today, and there are some fantastic conversations going on. Let me see what I can capture for you as we go… In our “10 Guiding Principles for ELA Instructional Shift” discussion…. Shift 1: Close … Continue reading

Basic Skills in Literacy

I’ve been working recently to realign lesson plans and strategies available through the Ohio Resource Center (yes, my place of employment) to help teachers/districts begin implementing the Third Grade Reading Guarantee (3GRG) this year (keeping in mind that although required reading diagnostics begin this year, it doesn’t begin impacting students until 2013-2014 with students entering … Continue reading

RtI, FA, and Paying Attention to Each Student

I vaguely remember the moment when it hit me in my classroom…It was a couple years into my career as a secondary teacher, poring through half-sheet after half-sheet of reading pop quizzes from my 130 students, marking red “x” after red “x,” thinking to myself “We just talked about this!  Why didn’t they pay attention … Continue reading

Achieve the Core Professional Development Modules

Student Achievement Partners at have created professional development modules for implementing common core.  The work includes an introductory module, modules for the shifts in ELA and Math, a Text Dependent Questions module (one I’m particularly interested in and will be visiting after this posting), and an Instructional Leadership Module.  Each module comes complete with … Continue reading

Standards-Aligned Question Stems

I am so excited to share this work! Using my “I can” statements from last summer and combining that work with work from other sources (referenced in the document), one high school English teacher from Michigan, Robert Belprez, created the following chart as a quick-reference guide for integrating the common core into 9-10 grade ELA classrooms. … Continue reading

I Finally Understand!!

I have been getting so many questions about high school end-of-course (EOC) exams, Ohio Graduation Tests, and PARCC assessments, and I had no clue how to answer!  I couldn’t figure out if Ohio was using PARCC as a graduation test, or if the OGTs would still exist, or if the EOCs would be the graduation tests–I … Continue reading