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Letter to the Editor re: Excessive Testing

In case you’re looking for some verbiage about testing, I encourage you to plagiarize my own verbiage below–edit, revise, omit, do whatever, but I’m giving you full permission to pull whatever you’d like/need and send it to your local papers. My anti-excessive testing letter: It is always interesting to me that the quality of our … Continue reading

Two Semesters Down and What I’ve Learned

Two semesters into my doctoral studies at Kent: I’ve neglected my blog and my beloved #ohedchat; I’ve pushed aside all my fun YA lit reads; and I’ve redirected my attention from lots of shameless self-promotion (ok, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion!) to a focus on endless sponging of information. I am reading, reading, … Continue reading

Testing in Ohio hits Legislative Snag–Duh

I’m feeling slightly cynical today, so you’ll have to excuse my snarkiness. I just read this article from the Dispatch today: Changes in State-Set Student Tests hit Snag in Legislature, and I can’t help but to respond. (As a reminder, I’m a full common core supporter, and I hope that the new assessments being created … Continue reading

#EdCampCle Reflection

How is it that EdCamp Cleveland is already over?  Having never been to an EdCamp, I was impressed that it was just as awesome as what I thought it would be and very much worth all the Twitter hype I see about edcamps.  Wonderful experience. General Observations It was incredible to be around like-minded people, … Continue reading

Curriculum Leadership

I’m taking several (4) courses this summer as I begin working on my PhD in (you guessed it!) curriculum and instruction at Kent State. One of these courses hasn’t even started yet, and I’m already thinking about all the things I did wrong this year (granted, it was my first in curriculum and I’ll equate … Continue reading

SLOs in Layman’s Terms (?) and What to do with HS?

I’ve been stewing on SLOs since January when legislation dictated that value-added teachers (reading and math grades 4-8) would now be required (as of 2014-2015) to have 50% of their evaluation based on value-added. I attended an SLO training in January, but left feeling….unsatisfied. So many of my questions were answered with “That’s an LEA” … Continue reading

When the System Strikes, Refute.

I’m stuck tonight unable to sleep.  It seems dumb, but I cannot stop thinking about those HB555 changes.  I’ve got this image in my head of what the end of the 2014-2015 school year will look like in Ohio, and it’s a little something like this: We’re a year into holding kids back in third … Continue reading