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Calculating VA with new tests–No big deal?

“Ohio will mix old tests and new Common Core test results to evaluate teachers, schools and districts”   I have been curious how the state would address calculating value added scores for the sake of evaluations once new assessments were in place…and now I know. Thinking through things for a moment…OAAs/OGTs were paper-based tests, which … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor re: Excessive Testing

In case you’re looking for some verbiage about testing, I encourage you to plagiarize my own verbiage below–edit, revise, omit, do whatever, but I’m giving you full permission to pull whatever you’d like/need and send it to your local papers. My anti-excessive testing letter: It is always interesting to me that the quality of our … Continue reading

*Meanwhile in financially floundering school districts…

My notes from today’s webinar. This morning, the state is providing a webinar on recently-announced Straight-A Fund grants available for school entities (public/charter schools, private schools, ESCs) in Ohio.  Information about these $250 million grants started trickling in in August with “stay tuned for more information” teasers. Details of the Fund (According to the Ohio Association … Continue reading

Testing in Ohio hits Legislative Snag–Duh

I’m feeling slightly cynical today, so you’ll have to excuse my snarkiness. I just read this article from the Dispatch today: Changes in State-Set Student Tests hit Snag in Legislature, and I can’t help but to respond. (As a reminder, I’m a full common core supporter, and I hope that the new assessments being created … Continue reading

SLOs: An Organizational Nightmare

HB 59 passed, but it unfortunately did not include the provision to decrease that 50% SGM down to 35%. Changes did include: Students with 60 or more unexcused absences are to be excluded from the student growth measure (SGM) was reduced to 45 excused or unexcused for the academic year as a compromise. The original … Continue reading

SLOs in Layman’s Terms (?) and What to do with HS?

I’ve been stewing on SLOs since January when legislation dictated that value-added teachers (reading and math grades 4-8) would now be required (as of 2014-2015) to have 50% of their evaluation based on value-added. I attended an SLO training in January, but left feeling….unsatisfied. So many of my questions were answered with “That’s an LEA” … Continue reading

OTES Day 1

For specifics about the framework, be sure to see Dwight Carter’s (@Dwight_Carter) blog after his three-days training. Today was my first of 3 OTES days, and I’m still feeling pretty good about that “left side” (or the performance piece) of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System framework. (The “right side,” or the student growth side, is … Continue reading