Navigating No-Man’s Land

As you may (or may not) know, I’m plugging away at my doc studies for my PhD in Curriculum & Instruction (Teacher Education). I’ve been absent from social media and my blog for many reasons: time commitments, working for classes, work, etc. I kept trying to start blogs, ready to share the books I’m reading, … Continue reading

Calculating VA with new tests–No big deal?

“Ohio will mix old tests and new Common Core test results to evaluate teachers, schools and districts”   I have been curious how the state would address calculating value added scores for the sake of evaluations once new assessments were in place…and now I know. Thinking through things for a moment…OAAs/OGTs were paper-based tests, which … Continue reading

A Busy Week in Edu-Policies

A bunch of stuff happened this week in Ohio’s educational politics. On June 3, Join the Future noted meandering legislative pieces relating to OTES moving from bill to bill:  “The bill started life as SB229, and was then hijacked by the House, where it effectively died. The Senate then put their version of SB229 back … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor re: Excessive Testing

In case you’re looking for some verbiage about testing, I encourage you to plagiarize my own verbiage below–edit, revise, omit, do whatever, but I’m giving you full permission to pull whatever you’d like/need and send it to your local papers. My anti-excessive testing letter: It is always interesting to me that the quality of our … Continue reading

Why I’m Okay with Being a Hippie

The difference between a manager and a leader:  “Many educational scholars distinguish management from leadership with the focus of the former on efficiently maintaining a current system and of the latter on influencing others to engage in innovative change.  In general, a management orientation relies on positional authority, whereas a leadership orientation is based on … Continue reading

Two Semesters Down and What I’ve Learned

Two semesters into my doctoral studies at Kent: I’ve neglected my blog and my beloved #ohedchat; I’ve pushed aside all my fun YA lit reads; and I’ve redirected my attention from lots of shameless self-promotion (ok, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion!) to a focus on endless sponging of information. I am reading, reading, … Continue reading