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Why I’m Okay with Being a Hippie

The difference between a manager and a leader:  “Many educational scholars distinguish management from leadership with the focus of the former on efficiently maintaining a current system and of the latter on influencing others to engage in innovative change.  In general, a management orientation relies on positional authority, whereas a leadership orientation is based on … Continue reading

Curriculum Leadership

I’m taking several (4) courses this summer as I begin working on my PhD in (you guessed it!) curriculum and instruction at Kent State. One of these courses hasn’t even started yet, and I’m already thinking about all the things I did wrong this year (granted, it was my first in curriculum and I’ll equate … Continue reading

Dabbling a Bit in the Sciences

As one of my weaknesses has always been science, I am working hard to begin understanding science content through curriculum work.  I needed a one-page (ok, 3-page!) guide to the content in grades 6-10, and I thought I’d pass along in case anyone else needed one as well. Progression of Science Content in Ohio’s New … Continue reading

When the System Strikes, Refute.

I’m stuck tonight unable to sleep.  It seems dumb, but I cannot stop thinking about those HB555 changes.  I’ve got this image in my head of what the end of the 2014-2015 school year will look like in Ohio, and it’s a little something like this: We’re a year into holding kids back in third … Continue reading

In Support of Standards-Based Reform

Sometimes I wonder what the word “reform” even means in the world of education today.  When I scroll through my Twitter feeds and Google reader, I see far leaning left reformists who want a total overhaul to schools as we know them.  They idealize schools without borders, totally individualized and student-driven learning paths, no standardized … Continue reading

Professional Learning Through Curriculum Development

My classroom teaching experience was spent in smaller districts.  The first “district” was a small, private school in Chillicothe where I literally had 7 middle school students (grades 6-8) and maybe 10 high school students.  I don’t know that there was a set curriculum other than I was given a couple of textbooks and told, … Continue reading

Getting Started

This was my first week on the new job.  I’ve gotten the “go-ahead,” so I’m going to keep this blog going as I begin my position as Secondary Curriculum Director at Medina City Schools.  (Check it out, I’m on the website!!) I thought I’d share my first steps in the new position because although I … Continue reading

Basic Skills in Literacy

I’ve been working recently to realign lesson plans and strategies available through the Ohio Resource Center (yes, my place of employment) to help teachers/districts begin implementing the Third Grade Reading Guarantee (3GRG) this year (keeping in mind that although required reading diagnostics begin this year, it doesn’t begin impacting students until 2013-2014 with students entering … Continue reading