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RtI, FA, and Paying Attention to Each Student

I vaguely remember the moment when it hit me in my classroom…It was a couple years into my career as a secondary teacher, poring through half-sheet after half-sheet of reading pop quizzes from my 130 students, marking red “x” after red “x,” thinking to myself “We just talked about this!  Why didn’t they pay attention … Continue reading

Standards-Aligned Question Stems

I am so excited to share this work! Using my “I can” statements from last summer and combining that work with work from other sources (referenced in the document), one high school English teacher from Michigan, Robert Belprez, created the following chart as a quick-reference guide for integrating the common core into 9-10 grade ELA classrooms. … Continue reading

Why I Would Not Post “I Can” Statements

I was checking out the Google searches that were leading people to my blog today, and I saw an overabundance (over the last month) of people searching for “posting ‘I Can’” statements.  Once the images of automaton teachers and automaton students reciting the daily learning objectives in monotonous, synchronized voices subsided, I decided I needed to … Continue reading

Creating Units Based on Learning Targets

The Ohio Resource Center offers free resources and lesson plans for teachers.  We are on the cusp of realigning ALL of these resources to be common core friendly, but in the meantime, I have pulled together a sample unit plan for 9-10 grade reading informational text. Using original materials created by ORC contributors, I realigned the … Continue reading

Deconstructing CCSS

This is bound to be one doozy of a blog post! This summer, I did some unguided, personal work on developing “I can” statements for the CCSS.  I thought creating learning targets would be as easy as taking exactly what was written in the standard statement, making sure the words were “student-friendly,” rewording as necessary … Continue reading

Common Core “I Can” Statements (Updated 5/30)

My I Can Statements for 9-10th grades. My I can Posters for 9-10th grades. Standards-Aligned Question Stems for grades 9-10. CCSS Vertical Progressions ELA for grades K-12. Update 5/30:  So, you’re looking for help with all the grade levels?  April Wulber, Darke County Ohio ESC ELA Specialist and ORC Ambassador, has posted her I Can Statements for all grade levels … Continue reading