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ILE 2012

Tomorrow is the start of the Innovative Learning Environments Conference in Ohio, and I am so excited.  Last year, I was only able to attend a few days, but this year, I’m in for the whole week. Last year honestly changed my mindset.  I wrote about being open to buying an iPhone (which I did), … Continue reading

SB 316

Governor Kasich signed SB 316 into law on Monday. Here is the original text of the bill as submitted to Kasich….all 592 pages of it. This beautiful annotation (from State Impact Ohio) of the Legislative Service Commission’s comparative analysis highlights the most important aspect of the legislation, and this “Fiscal Note & Local Impact Statement” zooms in … Continue reading

Amendments to SB 316 (Updated 5/23)

You may have heard about the amendments to SB 316–the delay of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee and the new report card system.  I’m busy reading the actual legislation because as much as I love eye-crossing, long, and laborious legalese, I want to know what it actually says rather than what everyone tells me it says. Consider … Continue reading

The Curriculum Still Matters

We have a lot of teachers doing a lot of wonderful things in education right now.  As I’ve said before, through all the muck, we are making some amazing strides for our children. Particularly in the realm of technology, where so many teachers are taking risks, learning new ways to teach content, and adopting new … Continue reading

Teacher Types and Collaboration

Related Resources: Stanford School Innovation Review:  The Missing Link in School Reform   This article “Teacher Collaboration:  The Missing Link in School Reform,” addresses the idea that when teachers have strong ties with peers, gained through participating in collaboration, student achievement “invariably goes up.”  I agree with this entirely. In a recent conversation with my … Continue reading

Teaching the iGeneration: Tools for Teachers

Educational Leadership:Best of Educational Leadership 2010–2011:Teaching the iGeneration. You should read this article. Did you read it?  If you’re skimming, you should really go back and read it. As a part of the “Net Generation,” I agree there is a clear difference between those of us born in the 1980’s and those born in the … Continue reading

Sage on the Stage

My subscription to ASCD online gains me access to a daily education news update with links to articles about educational issues from a multitude of national news sources.  Today’s update about lecture-style teach caught my attention. Here’s the initial article by Paul Petersen, which basically summarizes the results of a research study in which American … Continue reading