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Resurrecting a Post: Advice to New Teachers

I have been incredibly busy the last couple of weeks, and between moving two hours away to a new city, transitioning to a new, very exciting and amazing job, and finishing projects at my current job, I’m a little swamped. I found this post from August, 2011, that I just had to repost because I still … Continue reading

RtI, FA, and Paying Attention to Each Student

I vaguely remember the moment when it hit me in my classroom…It was a couple years into my career as a secondary teacher, poring through half-sheet after half-sheet of reading pop quizzes from my 130 students, marking red “x” after red “x,” thinking to myself “We just talked about this!  Why didn’t they pay attention … Continue reading

ILE 2012

Tomorrow is the start of the Innovative Learning Environments Conference in Ohio, and I am so excited.  Last year, I was only able to attend a few days, but this year, I’m in for the whole week. Last year honestly changed my mindset.  I wrote about being open to buying an iPhone (which I did), … Continue reading

Why I Would Not Post “I Can” Statements

I was checking out the Google searches that were leading people to my blog today, and I saw an overabundance (over the last month) of people searching for “posting ‘I Can’” statements.  Once the images of automaton teachers and automaton students reciting the daily learning objectives in monotonous, synchronized voices subsided, I decided I needed to … Continue reading

Using Subtext (an iPad App)

At IRA I stopped at the Subtext booth and was completely surprised to find out that it was a FREE app for iPads.  I just started exploring it today to see how it might be used in a classroom, and I thought I’d pass along what I’ve found. First, you have to download it.  Search … Continue reading

Teaching Methods and the CCS

I just read this post by Vicki Vinton (at the suggestion of Darren Burris–@dgburris–thanks!), and it raised a couple of points I hadn’t thought of in regards to using Coleman’s text-dependent questioning strategy. Vinton says, “But the text dependent question approach relies on teachers directing and prompting students to what they want them to see, … Continue reading

What do I do with that Model Curriculum ODE Produced?

Ever since I began hearing about the Ohio Department of Education’s model curriculum for ELA, I have thought, ‘Teachers will never use that!’  Each grade level document is long with lots of words (not that we ELA people don’t love words, but what classroom teacher has the time to read all. those. words?), and I’m not sure … Continue reading