Thinking: Teachers as Coaches and Leaders

It has been quiet around here; I have been quiet for awhile.  I’m still working on switching gears to spend more time with my family while maintaining my identity as an educator and researcher.  I feel my interests and priorities still shifting, though, away from so much connectedness (to Twitter, blogging, Facebook, etc.) and towards … Continue reading

Professional Development That Doesn’t Suck

You know what I hate more than failing charter school parasites sucking funding from public schools?  (Man, that was quite the overgeneralization!) Professional development that sucks.  Let me qualify what I mean when I say sucky PD: It’s disconnected.  Fall “training” doesn’t flow with Winter “training” which then has nothing to do with Spring “training”. … Continue reading

A Quality Read: How Children Succeed

Now that I have two kids in the early grades of kindergarten and first, I’m beginning to think more about education in regards to my children–something that has a direct impact on who my own kids are becoming, their futures.  I mean, I’ve always thought about these things, but I’m even more aware of them now … Continue reading

PARCC may be gone, but there’s still no change.

Ohio Dumps PARCC Update (7/1–how fast!):  Ohio chooses AIR for next year’s testing– Article Link Ok, people are excited about this, but what I can’t understand is this….There is STILL going to be a replacement test–IN 2015-2016. So we are now prepping for the FOURTH VERSION of a standardized test in math and English in four … Continue reading

Control vs. Trust

I have heartily struggled throughout my career with the line between controlling and trusting others.  At my core, I believe in the goodness of others and the idea that just because something isn’t done the way I would do it, completed within the time I would finish it, other people care just as much about … Continue reading