Control vs. Trust

I have heartily struggled throughout my career with the line between controlling and trusting others.  At my core, I believe in the goodness of others and the idea that just because something isn’t done the way I would do it, completed within the time I would finish it, other people care just as much about … Continue reading

Why HB212 Won’t Actually Change Anything.

Yesterday, I read HB212 (if you’ve never “read” legislation, the easiest thing to do is skim for the pieces that have been added, underlined, and omitted, struck through).  It’s the bill everyone’s been talking about that gets rid of PARCC, “saves us” from the ills of the common core (read that with sarcasm, because I still like … Continue reading

Navigating No-Man’s Land

As you may (or may not) know, I’m plugging away at my doc studies for my PhD in Curriculum & Instruction (Teacher Education). I’ve been absent from social media and my blog for many reasons: time commitments, working for classes, work, etc. I kept trying to start blogs, ready to share the books I’m reading, … Continue reading

Calculating VA with new tests–No big deal?

“Ohio will mix old tests and new Common Core test results to evaluate teachers, schools and districts”   I have been curious how the state would address calculating value added scores for the sake of evaluations once new assessments were in place…and now I know. Thinking through things for a moment…OAAs/OGTs were paper-based tests, which … Continue reading

A Busy Week in Edu-Policies

A bunch of stuff happened this week in Ohio’s educational politics. On June 3, Join the Future noted meandering legislative pieces relating to OTES moving from bill to bill:  “The bill started life as SB229, and was then hijacked by the House, where it effectively died. The Senate then put their version of SB229 back … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor re: Excessive Testing

In case you’re looking for some verbiage about testing, I encourage you to plagiarize my own verbiage below–edit, revise, omit, do whatever, but I’m giving you full permission to pull whatever you’d like/need and send it to your local papers. My anti-excessive testing letter: It is always interesting to me that the quality of our … Continue reading