Professional Development That Doesn’t Suck

You know what I hate more than failing charter school parasites sucking funding from public schools?  (Man, that was quite the overgeneralization!) Professional development that sucks.  Let me qualify what I mean when I say sucky PD: It’s disconnected.  Fall “training” doesn’t flow with Winter “training” which then has nothing to do with Spring “training”. … Continue reading

A Quality Read: How Children Succeed

Now that I have two kids in the early grades of kindergarten and first, I’m beginning to think more about education in regards to my children–something that has a direct impact on who my own kids are becoming, their futures.  I mean, I’ve always thought about these things, but I’m even more aware of them now … Continue reading

PARCC may be gone, but there’s still no change.

Ohio Dumps PARCC Update (7/1–how fast!):  Ohio chooses AIR for next year’s testing– Article Link Ok, people are excited about this, but what I can’t understand is this….There is STILL going to be a replacement test–IN 2015-2016. So we are now prepping for the FOURTH VERSION of a standardized test in math and English in four … Continue reading

Control vs. Trust

I have heartily struggled throughout my career with the line between controlling and trusting others.  At my core, I believe in the goodness of others and the idea that just because something isn’t done the way I would do it, completed within the time I would finish it, other people care just as much about … Continue reading

Why HB212 Won’t Actually Change Anything.

Yesterday, I read HB212 (if you’ve never “read” legislation, the easiest thing to do is skim for the pieces that have been added, underlined, and omitted, struck through).  It’s the bill everyone’s been talking about that gets rid of PARCC, “saves us” from the ills of the common core (read that with sarcasm, because I still like … Continue reading