Why I’m Okay with Being a Hippie

The difference between a manager and a leader:  “Many educational scholars distinguish management from leadership with the focus of the former on efficiently maintaining a current system and of the latter on influencing others to engage in innovative change.  In general, a management orientation relies on positional authority, whereas a leadership orientation is based on … Continue reading

Two Semesters Down and What I’ve Learned

Two semesters into my doctoral studies at Kent: I’ve neglected my blog and my beloved #ohedchat; I’ve pushed aside all my fun YA lit reads; and I’ve redirected my attention from lots of shameless self-promotion (ok, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion!) to a focus on endless sponging of information. I am reading, reading, … Continue reading

So, Teacher Value Added Reports Came Out

Let me tell you a story… I knew in 6th grade that I wanted to be a teacher. I remember years of my kid-hood coming home to play school with my little brother. I took whatever I learned and tried to teach it to him with my little chalkboard. “Sit, Rocky, and let me teach … Continue reading

Ohio’s New Assessment Updates with Char Shryock (Notes)

Today’s presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ucjnQulFV9cwzEo9kXbdaSisL7Psd_d1cvl-pfu9YFc/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000 VERY cool!! New assessment prototype superintendent’s challenge using a Google Form to get people looking at the assessment questions–great way to get people to start talking about the new assessments -http://www.bayvillageschools.com/index.aspx?NID=1028 -teachers who do all 10 get a prize -community members who do all 10 get a prize ****presenting at 9 am … Continue reading

*Meanwhile in financially floundering school districts…

My notes from today’s webinar. This morning, the state is providing a webinar on recently-announced Straight-A Fund grants available for school entities (public/charter schools, private schools, ESCs) in Ohio.  Information about these $250 million grants started trickling in in August with “stay tuned for more information” teasers. Details of the Fund (According to the Ohio Association … Continue reading

Ohio as a Model for Social Media in Education

Check this out. All about how ODE has improved communication throughout the state in education by their use of social media. Kudos to the communications team who have led this effort! You might see some familiar names: #ohedchat, Jeremy Evans, Molly Bloo, Tweet Up… Looking forward to regular weekly #ohedchats restarting with the school year. … Continue reading

Testing in Ohio hits Legislative Snag–Duh

I’m feeling slightly cynical today, so you’ll have to excuse my snarkiness. I just read this article from the Dispatch today: Changes in State-Set Student Tests hit Snag in Legislature, and I can’t help but to respond. (As a reminder, I’m a full common core supporter, and I hope that the new assessments being created … Continue reading

SLOs: An Organizational Nightmare

HB 59 passed, but it unfortunately did not include the provision to decrease that 50% SGM down to 35%. Changes did include: Students with 60 or more unexcused absences are to be excluded from the student growth measure (SGM) was reduced to 45 excused or unexcused for the academic year as a compromise. The original … Continue reading